Through Fire

Once upon a time there existed a normal boy. He lived.

One day a monster came to his doorstep when nobody was home and he was alone so he let the monster in.

The monster then turned into a beautiful flower but one lost in sickness.

He nurtured the flower and kept it till it grew bigger.

He then planted the flower and nurtured it till it grew even bigger.

And when it was finally a tree, the boy blinked and saw that the flower was never a flower but the same monster. He didn’t destroy it or regret it, he simply turned away from it and ignored it.

The tree died but from  its death many many other trees grew. Little did the boy know that it still was a tree.

The boy lived, but never really to life’s fullest.

And when the boy became a man he never forgot how it was to be a boy.

And that man turned into someone who is hard to define. Someone who didn’t look at life through the pieces of glass through which everyone does.


Can’t understand? Well, from the time something originates/is born/is created we attach labels to it. Labels like “Cruel”, “Weird” and “Bright”. These labels never change. Just gets covered by more labels.

These labels Anna named as ‘Glasses’ through which you see the world. Through the “Hate” glass you see the world as red and filled with negativity and an equal amount of positivity.

Through the ‘Love’ glass you see the world as a beautiful place, all filled with sunshine and flowers.


This boy saw life as it was. And here is what he heard.

—-Idiot/Bugger/Weed/FreaK!/Get lost!/Buzz off!/Get a life!/We don’t need you!/Nobody is with you!/Lame/Desperate/Wanna-Be!—-


And well, he soon got used to it like anyone would. People hated him for his straight-forward-ness and nobody liked him because he didn’t “fit in”. And he didn’t care so the insults got worse while he went on. He had this weird quality of thinking that tomorrow will be better when something bad happened. Or something like that…..


His story went on and on and on and on. Like a dreary train’s roar when it passes by but never seems to get over.

One day, he woke up and found that he knew why people didn’t like him.


There was a pattern in there. A pattern as to how people were to behave, how they were to act even if that is not them, how they have to be “cool”.

And everyone fell into that pattern. The way everyone of the coolest talk is the same. They like the same things and don’t like the same things.

They lived well. They lived happy lives. But the problem with this man is that he didn’t want to live that way.

Everybody lives. Many are happy. Many are sad. The ones who do things they like live happily and die happily. But what is the use?

Why do we live? To make us happy? No

To make others happy? No

To make the world a better place? LOL no.

The whole “Save the Earth” thing is freaking funny. The Earth will survive as it always has. It is us who will die. So instead of saying “Save Ourselves” they make it all helpful and goody as “Save the Earth”

So why do we live? He didn’t know.

But he knew why not do we live. He didn’t want to live happily and then when he dies just go away. There must be something. There must be…


That was his prob. And he again, just kept pushing on. And well… I don’t know how to complete this story. I just know that it needs completion. At some point in this story he needs to walk through fire. At some point there must come the scene which gives us goosebumps. A scene where he gets up even when pushed down and is victorious as the hero.

And I need help with that.

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The End

In our world there is predictability and unpredictability. Both are predictable. People we usually hang out with are indirectly those who are unpredictable. A predictable movie, show or book is never popular. That is why the radio is so different. You never know what song is going to come next. There isn’t any matter of surprise as unpredictable means something which is no predicted by is not overtly surprising either.


The Reality

So now I come to the topic of everyday life. A day goes by being bad, you say that the next day will be better. The next day is bad too but you still hope. But days pass by without getting better. You still don’t lose hope. But is that worth it? How do you know that the next day will be better? What if all your life there isn’t a day better?
When I asked these questions the most common reply was that we have to take a leap of faith and believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. But faith on what, is what I ask. God? God is true, is unbiased, is right. But what if we don’t deserve the light and that is the reason we are suffering? We cannot stand suffering forever.

Our only respite comes in the form of acquaintances. They console us when they don’t understand our problem, cry with us though they don’t know whether we are happy or sad, laugh without knowing the joke and try to be a someone for us. But for what gain? The biggest misconception is that all our friends are true and do it because they want to. Not always. They will stay with you providing you comfort and making you believe. But when there is trouble, our undying hearts will make us take the blame. And that friend will be safe, up a tree.

And once you attain this knowledge you go on. Everything seems perfect. Now, my next line will not say that that was when disaster struck. What I say is that it stays perfect. We have the knowledge that nothing can be perfectly good without having an equal, if not more, amount of sad.

One day, you have to face a decision, whether to choose your best friend to be your ONLY best friend or whether he/she can be someone else’s somebody too. It is a choice we make soon because of the increasing influence of fake heroism in this world. We say that our best friend can be a best friend of all but when we make this decision we forget that that friend is a tree climbing friend. Well, a monkey. 🙂

And he is a good person for a while before he starts to ignore you and stick with the very people you introduced to him. And well, he ignores you but comes to you when you show that you are sad in public. Why? He HAS to be a perfect friend in front of everyone else.

And in the end you are the one left feeling weird but nevertheless feeling weird with someone to hold you and console you. This happens all the time.

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